Dr. Majid Khan was invited as Foreign Expert in Conference on International Exchange of Professionals (Peninsula Branch) & Yantai International Technological Trade Fair


    Dr. Majid Khan was invited by the Government of China on a special invitation to attend the conference on international exchange of professionals held in Yantai, Shandong Province of China on October 23-25, 2021. This international conference was implemented by the Organizing Committee of the Conference on International Exchange of Professionals (中国国际人才交流大会组委会), Shandong Talent Development Group (山东人才发展集团), Yantai Science and Technology Bureau (烟台市科学技术局), and The Administrative Committee of Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone (烟台开发区管理委员会), and organized by Yantai (International) Technology Market (烟台市(国际)技术市场), Talent Technology Innovation (Shandong)Co., Ltd (人才科创(山东)有限公司), Shandong (Yantai) Sino-Japan Industrial Technology Research Institute (山东(烟台)中日产业技术研究院), and Bright Stone Industrial Technology Research Institute (明石创新产业技术研究院), and supported by China Science and Technology Exchange Center (中国科学技术交流中心), China Technology market Association (中国技术市场协), China Association for International Science and technology cooperation (中国国际科技合作协会), Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (中国机械工程学会), China Association of Productivity Promotion Centers (中国生产力促进中心协会), Korea SMES and Startups Agency (韩国中小企业振兴公团), (JST) Japan Science and Technology Agency (日本科学技术振兴机构), The Institution of Professional Engineers, Japan (日本技术士会), and Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Collaborative Innovation Promotion Association (深圳市高科技企业协同创新促进会). This international conference was hosted by China Association for International Exchange of Personnel Department of Science and Technology of Shandong Province, The People' s Government of Yantai (中国国际人才交流协会山东省科学技术厅烟台市人民政府). 

    The conference was attended by several academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (中国工程院院士蒋庄德), academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences (中国科学院院士), Federal Ministers (联邦部长), Foreign Ministers (外交部长), Chinese and Foreign entrepreneurs (中外企业家), Industry Professionals (行业专业人士), Professors (教授), Government Officials (政府官员), and other Academic Researchers (学术研究人员). 

Dr. Majid Khan actively participated in the conference, represented University of Science and Technology Beijing as Foreign Expert, discussed the current research progress of the School of Civil and Resource Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing with relevant industry professionals, introduced Department of Safety Science and Engineering of USTB and signed the contract with a company that will help in providing research projects, solve their research problems, and student’s jobs. This will help in introducing both Chinese and Foreign graduates of our school to get jobs in relevant industries. In this conference, Dr. Majid Khan also discussed the importance of linking academia and industry to work together that will ultimately help in global technology development. The conference was also live broadcasted on national and international media. Such initiatives will help in internationalization of the school.