Beijing Global Talent Association (BGTEA) & Embassy of Pakistan, Beijing, China First Convention of Pakistan Professionals Forum China


    Dr. Majid Khan, a foreign teacher working at the Department of Safety Science and Engineering of USTB was cordially invited to the First Convention of Pakistani Professionals Forum China (PPF) by the Ambassador Mr. Moin-ul-Haq at Pakistan Embassy in Beijing and Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association (BGTEA). BGTEA is following the indication of the important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s of “Assemble the best minds across the land and draw fully on their expertise” and “Enhancing the exchanges and cooperation of international talents” registered in Zhongguancun, and approved by the civil affairs department as a national organization. Under the strategy on developing a quality workforce, BGTEA aims to facilitate exchanges and cooperation of talents, technologies and high-tech projects, develop an innovation-driven country and offer intellectual support for progress. 

    A Large number of Pakistani professionals are diligently working in different sectors all across China. They are not only prominently contributing to the progress of their respective organizations but are also playing a significant role in strengthening the collaboration and friendship between China and Pakistan at individual as well as collective level. BGTEA and Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Beijing, China held the first convention forum for Pakistani Professionals currently serving at various positions in Academia, High-Tech Enterprises, International Organizations and Banking Sector. We vividly appreciate all the personal efforts of Pakistanis who are actively promoting and consolidating Pakistan-China relationship.

    The Ambassador quoted “In this auspicious year of 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Diplomatic Relations between Peoples Republic of China and Islamic Republic of Pakistan, your unwavering contribution academically and professionally in the fields of Science & Technology, Banking & Investment, Agriculture & Economy through exchange of skills, expertise as well as good-will is a manifestation of a solid example of brotherly relations between the two countries”.

    With an active cooperation of participating professionals, we are aiming to secure a sustainable platform where professionals can share their experiences, ideas and expertise for pursuing mutually beneficial and long-lasting relations, which will in turn maximize future opportunities for the Pakistani youth. 

    In this important event, Dr. Majid Khan was the representative of the University of Science and Technology Beijing and discussed various future opportunities with the Ambassadors as well as other highly renowned professionals from Pakistan working in different industries in China. During his discussion, Dr. Majid Khan focused on his research team and the department future contribution on science and technology projects in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)/ 中巴经济走廊 and academic exchange opportunities. 

Note: For the first time in history, the official logo of the 70th anniversary of China-Pakistan diplomatic relationship was designed and approved by both governments. 

The approved logo of the Pak-China 70th anniversary

Group Photo: High Talent Pakistani Professionals working in China (Beijing)


Dr. Majid Khan


Academic and Industry Professionals


The Ambassador of Pakistan